Instander APK Changelog v 18.0

Hey everyone, Welcome to Instander APK Changelog, here you can get all updated and old versions one by one. The developers are continuously making improvements to this app for their beautiful users. This page is where you can find all changes, whether you are a pro user or just getting started. 

Let’s explore the newest updates and coolest changes in the world of Instander together.


Instander v.17.2

The minor changes in requirements have been increased so the changelog is: 

  1. Android 9+ (SDK 28);
  2. ABIs AArch64 (ARM64-v8a).


  • “Monet” color theme for Android 12+ has been added;
  • Disabling the Monet theme has been added;
  • Fixed Reels Buttons;
  • Fixed certain fonts (Alte & Hoefler);
  • Fixed loading feeds in some devices;
  • The clone version app’s icon has been changed;
  • Upgraded the target SDK version to 33k;
  • Some translations have been updated

Instander v17.2 Beta 4

  • Fixed all issues with the Monet theme;
  • Fixed Monet theme toggle on the Android 12; 
  • Raised the target SDK version to 33k.

Instander v17.2 Beta 3

  • Introduced Monet Theme for Andriod 2+; 
  • Fixed app launch on some devices;
  • Info: The theme might not be accessible in every language, because of the specific details of how it is set up;
  • Here is a list of languages where the theme is working: English, French, Ukrainian, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Polish, Russian, Malayalam, Dutch, Japanese, Hebrew, Belarusian, German,  Armenian, Kazakh, Indonesian, and Turkish. 
  • If you wish to have the Monet theme in your mother language: please translate Instander to your language.  
  • The updated changelog gives you more valuable features.

Instander v.17.2 Beta 1

A second attempt has done to fix the feed.

Instander v.17.2 Beta 0

  • Fixed Reels download button;
  • A bug has been fixed when the feed could not be loaded;
  • Fixed Alte & Hoefler’s New fonts.

Instander v.17.1

  • Fixed MobileConfig updater issues;
  • Fixed the download button in the 3-dot menu;
  • 60-second stories have been added.

Instander v.17.0

  • Updated to Instagram version
  • Update minimum requirements to Android 9+ ARM64-v8a;
  • Reels scrubber has been added;
  • A badge when watching a Live has been added;
  • New fonts to stories have been added;
  • New translations have been added;
  • Mark as read has been removed;
  • The download button in the feed has been removed;
  • Instander backup settings have been removed;
  • In-App Lock has been removed;
  • Long-press and triple-press gestures have been removed;
  • The Monet theme for SDK 31+ has been removed; 
  • Reorganized and optimized the codebase.

Instander v.16.0

  • Updated to Instagram version;
  • Monet color scheme support for Android 12+ has been added;
  • Themed Icon for Android 13+ has been added;
  • Animated Splash for Android 12+ has been added;
  • Hide “Download feed button” has been added;
  • The download button to the three dots menu has been added;
  • 60-second stories have been added
  • In-App Lock (Beta) has been added;
  • Developer Mode decoder (MobileConfig) has been added;
  • New Instander Sans font (Latin, Tamil, Thai, Cyrillic, Persian support) has been added;
  • Selective biography in the profile has been added;
  • The Spanish language has been added;
  • All toast messages have been redesigned;
  • The Instander menu has been redesigned;
  • All dialogs have been redesigned.

Instander v.15.4

  • Tagging people in group chats
  • Story Likes
  • Polls (not able to vote)

Instander v.15.3

  • The crash “Mark as read” on some phones has been fixed;
  • The random crashes on Samsung with One UI 4 have been fixed;
  • Rebuild applications using the latest tools.

Instander v.15.2

  • The random application crashes on some phones have been fixed;
  • Forcing the snow off for those who upgraded from XE-version.

Instander v.15.1

  • The IGTV download item has been added;
  • The “Mark as Read” has been added;
  • The avatar zoom has been added;
  • Turn-off auto-flipping stories have been added;
  • The Instander menu (download, preview, direct link to post) has been added;
  • Quick turn on Don’t mark Direct as read has been added;
  • The backups of Instander settings have been added;
  • The avatar zoom has been fixed;
  • The account type change has been fixed;
  • The ads switch has been fixed.

Instander v.15.0

  • Updated to Instagram version;
  • “Add your sticker” has been added;
  • A link sticker has been added;
  • The video scrubber option has been removed;
  • The video scrubber is forced on;
  • Temporarily not added download IGTV;
  • Attention ads in Old posts are present;
  • Temporarily not added “Mark as read” in direct Instander.

Instander v.14.1

  • The action buttons with comments have been fixed;
  • The application crashes due to notifications have been fixed;
  • The pin icon in the comments has been fixed;
  • The application crash problem has been fixed;
  • The switching to the first photo in the profile has been fixed;
  • The crash on entering Direct has been fixed;
  • The photo uploading to webp has been disabled;
  • The saving photos in webp have been disabled.

Instander v.14.0

  • Updated to Instagram version;
  • The menu with Instander Team has been added;
  • The animation splash screen for Android 12 has been added;
  • Photos in max quality have been fixed;
  • The errors in subscription and likes have been fixed;
  • The action buttons in the comments have been fixed;
  • The Download button in your Stories has been fixed;
  • The adding Reels and IGTV to your Stories has been fixed; 
  • The display of ads has been fixed.

Instander v.13.1

  • Updated to Instagram version;
  • PayPal to Donation Menu has been added;
  • Tinkoff to Donation Menu has been added;
  • A video scrubber in settings has been added;
  • Improve quality in Stories Camera has been added;
  • Optimizations Instander code has been added;
  • Watching live broadcasts has been fixed;
  • Removed Unmutual followers;
  • Remade copying and translation of comments;
  • Increased number of characters to copy up to 5000.

Instander v.12.1

  • Downloading media on some devices has been fixed;
  • Changed default path to download to /Pictures/Instander;
  • Added OTA chagelog on russian;
  • Added Ethereum to donate.

Instander v.12.0

  • Updated to Instagram version;
  • Download IGTV has been added;
  • Social Networks Menu has been added;
  • Remade Improve Photo Quality;
  • The last font: ad, ag, ah &, etc symbols have been fixed; 
  • The threads on the profile has been fixed;
  • The application crash when trying to complain has been fixed;
  • Removed Splunk MINT Crashlytics.

Instander v.11.0

  • Updated to Instagram version;
  • Activation “Instander Reels” has been added;
  • “Translation of comments” has been added;
  • New fonts have been added;
  • “Fullscreen Stories” has been removed;
  • “Don’t crop Stories”  has been removed;
  •  Unmutual Followers has been removed;
  • Install on Android 5.1 has been fixed;
  • Many fixes and optimizations

The changelog has been become more advanced with the passage of time.

Instander v.10

  • Updated to Instagram version;
  • “Hide view, Live Stream” has been added;
  • Monobank to the donation menu has been added; 
  • Unmutual Followers have been added;
  • “Stories autoplay with sound” has been added;
  • PayPal in the donation menu has been removed;
  • Privat24 in the donation menu has been removed;
  • The Instagram bug with black has been fixed;
  • The Instagram bug with incorrect markup of some elements has been fixed;
  • Redesign Instander Menu;
  • Instagram bug with black (transparent) display of some icons;
  • Many fixes and optimizations.

Instander v.9.2 

  • Indicator Follows You has been added;
  • Redesign of the verification menu;
  • Redesign of the acknowledgment menu;
  • Refinement of the quality of stories;
  • Optimization and code cleaning;
  • Set path to download folder;
  • Forced portrait orientation of Instander settings;
  • Rework improving photo quality.

Instander v.9.1

  • Improve IGTV quality has been added;
  • Improved Reels quality has been added;
  • Translates have been added;
  • Stories quality has been fixed;
  • Highlight menu has been fixed;
  • The display of ads has been fixed;
  • Seen message status has been fixed.

Instander v.9.1

  • Updated to Instagram version;
  • New design Instander Settings;
  • Download Reels has been added; 
  • “Full-screen Stories” has been added;
  • A selectable bio has been added;
  • Save self-destruct photo has been added;
  • “Don’t crop Stories” has been added;
  • Listening to voice has been fixed;
  • Posting video has been fixed;
  • Share QR-Code has been fixed;
  • Selfie-stickers have been fixed;
  • High CPU & fast battery usage has been fixed;
  • The white navigation bar on the splash.

This is the Changelog of Instander. Read the Blog: Instander Vs Aeroinsta – A detailed comparison