difference between Instander and aeroinsta

Instander Vs Aeroinsta – A detailed comparison

The official meta app Instagram has many modified versions. Instander vs Aeroinsta are both one of them. Their working styles are the same as they help to minimize the distance between people by connecting. Even they both are designed with the same interface of working and appearance. 

Instander APK has a vast type of features, you can hide your status from specific people, and download videos, pictures, and IGTVs.  And in Aeroinsta you can hide your typing, share your data with multiple people, etc. 

What is Instander APK?

Instander is a modified version of the official Instagram app. You can easily download images, videos, reels, and IGTVs. You can hide your story, change fonts, and download the themes of your choice.

It is an APK file available on Google Chrome having a low size. It comes with clone and unclone versions. It has many advanced features that are more reliable for users. 

What is AeroInsta APK?

AeroInsta is an Instagram mod that gives you high access to advanced features. These features are not available in a regular Instagram app and make a better experience for users. You can enjoy all the benefits without any restrictions. 

AeroInsta has modern features that help in copying captions, bios, and comments. It also helps in translating into other languages which makes easy conversation with foreign people.

 Differentiate Between Instander vs Aeroinsta

Similarities Between The Two Apps 

Instander vs Aeroinsta are both social apps that have the same type of work. They help in connecting people from a long distance. An airplane mode is available in both apps. You can turn on ghost mode and dark mode easily whenever you need to. 

Both apps have an interface of giving downloading videos, images, reels, and IGTVs of your favorite influencers. You can hide your stories, and typings, and view others’ stories, etc in both apps.


Both apps look a bit different. Both have different styles, interfaces, and designs. You can select whatever you like.

Both apps are made by other people, not by the official meta Instagram. But still, they are safe, as they give you updates on time, pop-up notifications, and ask about privacy policy.

Yes, You don’t need to worry about deleting one app and then using another. You can download both apps along with the official Instagram app.

Definitely yes, you can use it with them. You can surprise them while using its advanced features. It makes your experience good.

Yes, both apps have more advanced features than the official app. You can download videos, reels, and images in these apps but in the original, you can’t.

Final Words

There are a lot of Instagram’s modified apps which are available in the market. It is pretty hard to select one for your use. For this, you must read the full detailed comparison between Instagram and its modified version. 

The comparison between Instander APK and AeroInsta APK is quite difficult as both are almost the same. But in the case of security developer options, Instander is far better than others. I’ll recommend it too as per my experience, the rest is up to you.

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