Instander vs intsapro

Instander  Vs Instapro – A detailed comparison

Instander vs instapro both have the tug of war between same working as the Official Instagram app. Both help in connecting and discovering people at an advanced level. 

Instander gives you all advanced pro features but Instapro has some limitations with pro features. Instapro does not have any version and also can’t give you a verification badge.

What is Instander?

Instander APK is a modified app of the official app. It has its official site which makes it more reliable than others. It is developed by the developer Thedise who provides us a long list of pro features. 

In this, you can copy captions and bios, hide view status, and customize a friend list. This app is available in an APK file and has zero chances of crashes.

What is Instapro APK?

Instapro APK is also an APK file just like Instander. It is a proper management that helps users to create content, grow their audience, and increase in number of followers. It does not have any specific official site which makes it a little bit suspicious. 

It has other features like copying bios, comments, and captions. It is developed by a group of many independent developers. The most important contributor is Github.  

Differentiate Between Instander vs Instapro

Similarities Between The Two Apps 

Instander vs instapro apps provide an interface for downloading stories, videos, images, and IGTVs. You can also hide your status from specific persons by customizing your friend list. You can on ghost mode and dark mode too. You can hide yourself from viewing someone’s posts and stories. Airplane mode is available in both apps.


Yes, both apps have an option of downloading social media content i.e. videos, images, reels, IGTVs, etc. And These features make them more valuable than the official app.

While using the third application, it is always important to be concerned about the user’s security and privacy. For this, users should be informed about security updates and information.

Yes definitely, You can use these three apps simultaneously. It will help you to login with three different accounts.

Typically both these apps are designed as a modified version of official apps. But still, you can use Instander in iOS with an emulator. Sadly, in Instapro you can’t.

Final Words

The tug of war between Instander vs Intsapro has become an important part of Instagram users. Both apps provide you with advanced features such as you can hide your identity, hiding your status from specific people, etc. These are not available in the regular app.

According to my experience, you should go with the Instander app. It will never disappoint you. It covers all types of new updates and features that are demanded by users. I have been using this app for a long time.

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