Why Instander is not Installing

Why Instander Is Not Installing?

When using the Instagram official app, I was irritated by many restrictions. You can only download videos, images, and reels with a third-party tool a downloader. In Instander APK, you can download each content of your favorite influencers with a single click. You can hide your status, typing, and Instagram notes to some specific users. 

Sometimes users get issues with Instander is not installing on their mobile devices. They prevent themselves from pro features. If you are one of them then this blog is for you.

What is an Instander APK?

Instagram is a popular app for sharing photos and videos. But it is limited to its features. For this, developer Thedise has introduced an APK application, Instander. It is full of pro features for downloading videos and photos.

App Details

App Name   Instander
VersionLatest 19
App TypeOriginal
App Size63MB
Android9+ (SDK 28)
Pro FeaturesUnlimited
Last UpdateToday

Pro Features

Many advanced features of this app make it superior to the official app. These features are given below:

  • Download Content
  • Copy Option
  • Free to use
  • Block Ads
  • Privacy 

Download Content

This app lets you download videos, images, and reels of your favorite content creator with a single click. It downloads the media in high quality into your mobile gallery. 

This feature is going to surprise you. Simply tap the button below the photo or video to save it on your mobile gallery.

Copy Option

In the official app, the copy option is not available. And sometimes it disappoints you when you like some caption or comment and you want to save but you can’t. 

Here is an option to copy bios, comments, and captions in this app. For this, you just have to make sure your settings are on in both iOS and PC devices. 

Free to use

This app is free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny to download and use. It is effortless and friendly to use. You will going to love this feature.

Block Ads

In the official app, influencers and content creators put ads on the accounts. Sometimes Meta also sponsors the ads on your reels and this feature irritates the user a lot.

But in this app, you can block ads and enjoy ad-free.

Getting Problems And Instander is not installing

Many problems may happen while installing this app. But don’t worry I will give a solution to every problem.

  • Check device compatibility
  • Clear Cache And Data
  • Enable Unknown Source 
  • Download From Reliable Sources
  • Verify the Righteousness of the Downloaded File
Instander Is Not Installing

Check device compatibility

If you are having issues while installing this app and finding solutions for how to fix the app. Please make sure your mobile device is compatible with the latest version of the app. 

For this, check the requirements by visiting the official app to make a compatible app with Android or iOS because Instander is a safe app.

Clear Cache And Data

If you are having problems while installing this app, it might happen due to being incompatible with cached data. To fix this problem, go to your device settings, and search for an app (such as File Manager or Browser), you used for installing the app. Then clear both cache and data.

Enable Unknown Source

Sometimes users have a problem that Instander is not installing because of some strict restrictions on installing apps from unknown sources. To overcome this challenge, go to your device settings, and search for this option labeled as an “Unknown Source” or “Install Unknown Apps”. 

Here you have to grant permission to the file manager or browser that are you using for installing this app.

Download From Reliable Sources

While downloading the app make sure you are installing from reliable sources. It will prevent you from facing many problems. Our website instanderlive.com and some well-known websites are official sites, you can easily use them Instander is not installing.

Verify the Righteousness of the Downloaded File

A corrupted file creates problems for installing the app. So before downloading the file make sure you have verified the righteousness of that downloaded file. This step will ensure that the file is not damaged and reduce the problems that may help in the future. 


First, check a good internet connection and again try to install an APK file from a reliable source. Secondly, If the installation process takes a long time and the Instander is not installing, please clear the cache and data of the file manager and browser you are using.

Yes, if you download the app from reliable sources, it will not harm you at any cost. For this, you can install it from our website instanderlive.com

Yes, if you use the app on iOS with the right method of article iOS . Here you will not face any single issue.

No, as the Instander app comes in two versions, clone and unclone versions. So, you can use Instander and Instagram simultaneously. It does not affect its working.


If you were facing the issue of Instander APK not installing then this blog is definitely for you. You will know how to fix Instander APK within 5 minutes. If yet you have any troubles, please come and tell us via dropping comments or emailing us. We will surely sort out and admire you. Thanking in Anticipation.  

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