is Instander safe?

Is Instander Safe?

Everyone loves to use Instander for their public use as it has more pro features than the regular Instagram app. But people always prefer to have some secure apps. For using the Instander app, they always think:

  • Is Instander Safe? 
  • Are they using the secure app?
  • Is Instander risk free app?
  • Is Instander Worth Installing?

I can satisfy all of you with a single word, YES. Yes, this app is just out of the box. You are going to be addicted to its features. And you gonna forget about that is Instander Safe.

What is an Instander?

Basically, Instander is a modified version of the Instagram app Meta. It has all the pro features that are not available in the official app. You can’t download videos, images, reels, and IGTVS in the regular app. 

In the Instander you not only can download all content, but also manage different privacies. You can hide your status privacy, upload one minute long Instagram story, can hide typing in messages, and many more. It also has an option of viewing the full profile picture of others. 

How much is Instander Safe?

The source code of Instander will be public very soon, so it will be safe for use making it open source. So, there will be no chance of security leakage and data leaking problems. Plus point is that it does not run in the background or ask for access to your files or camera without any permission.

Sometimes Instander is not installing due to our ignorance like forgetting to clear the cache but still, it is safe. You can easily trust it as it is built with good intentions and it will be an open source soon.  This app is a risk-free app. You can rely upon it.

Should we use Instander?

If you are passionate about being an influencer, Instagrammer, and content creator then you should go through with Instander. With the help of this app, You can download media with a single click. You don’t need to download any third-party tool for downloading other videos reels, etc.

With plenty of followers, it might be unhealthy to show them your typing, viewing someone else’s stories, etc. For this,  you can also hide all things from Instander settings.  It will help you a lot in all scenarios. So, you should use Instander.

Final Notes

It’s enough for the current update. Just download the app and enjoy all the pro features without any hesitation. Don’t worry about its security and safety anymore. 

Still, if you have any suggestions or complaints and think that is instander safe, you can contact us in the comment sections.

Thank You!

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