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Instander Details

Instander APK is a fully modified form of Instagram that recognizes the whole new world of the Instagram platform. As in traditional Instagram, you can’t download images, videos, stories, and reels of your favorite personalities. But with the experience of Instander, You can discover advanced things like you can easily download high-quality videos, IGTV, images, stories, and Reels with one click.

With the help of Instander, you can get the solutions you are facing the problems while using regular Instagram. However, it continues further which provides an enhanced and friendly platform of Instander for iOS and for PC and enjoying important content. Instander has been made with special features like ads-free, copy captions, bios, tags, or descriptions of pictures, and videos people post.

What Is An Instander APK?

Instander APK is a 100% safe and modified app for Instagram which is still not released on Google Play Store. It gives you an extraordinary experience to enjoy the posts or content of your favorite celebrities, personalities, and politicians. This application provides advanced features like profile picture view and downloads high-quality, videos, reels, and stories. 

The developer Dmitry Gavrilov has created this application for Instagram lovers to have a brilliant browsing experience regardless of any risk. It has a lot of different specifications that make it better than the original app. Now you can use Instander for Windows.

Download your Instander app

Necessary Version Information

App Name   Instander APK
VersionLatest 19
App TypeOriginal
App Size63MB
Android9+ (SDK 28)
CPU ArchitectureARM64-v8a
Pro FeaturesUnlimited
Last UpdateToday

Download Instander APK Latest Version for Android

The latest version of Instander APK gives you all the unlocked features and specifications of the previous old versions. If you are looking for Instander APK on Google Play Store you will not find it there. Because it has not been released yet. So, for this version, you are in the right place. You can enjoy both versions i.e. clone and unclone.

Instander APK (Infographic)

You can download any of them which are given below;

Difference Between Clone And Unclone?


The clone version is easy to download as it stands alone. You don’t need to delete the original Instagram app but it simplifies the installation process, providing convenience. This type of version comes with package name. 


For this, you have to uninstall the original Instagram otherwise you will get the error notification “App Not Installed”. This version comes with com.insta package name. And it also saves your mobile storage by deleting the original app.

Rather than these versions, you can also enjoy all the old versions of the Instander in Changelog idea. From simple to advanced.

 Healthy Features

There are many features of this fantabulous application which are given below:

Download Photos, Stories, and Videos

As in the official Instagram app, you cannot download photos, videos, and stories of your favorite influencers. Maybe this disheartens you. Instander APK makes this easier for you, here you can download every content video, image, and story with a single click.

Download your content in Instander APK
Fast & Quick Responsive Instander App

Fast & Quick Responsive App

The official Instagram app has ads, which make it down and less responsive. This irritates me a lot. That’s why I prefer Instander App as it is an ad-free app and more fast and quick responsive in every way.

Ghost Mode

You can read and write messages, as well as view stories anonymously by turning on ghost mode. You can also disable online status.

Ghost Mode of the Instander APK

Settings support different languages

In Instamod, you can translate comments, captions, and messages whenever you talk with your foreign friends in different languages.

 Pro Features of Instander APK

Some extra features that make Instander more useful than other apps. Some of them are given below:

No Seen Mark

I always like that if one of my friends texts me, I open it and don’t want to notify my friend that I have seen her message. It provides the features of reading someone’s text without knowing them. For this, you just have to use these features from settings.

Upload Photos and Stories in High Quality

I like to have high-quality pictures on my Instagram App. As billions of photos and videos are uploaded on Instagram, the quality is reduced. You have also noticed the same thing. So, with the help of this application, you can post your content in high quality.

View Profile Picture in Full Size

You know very well that in simple Instagram, you can’t open profile pictures of your favorite personalities, or influencers. But this app gives you the experience of viewing profile pictures in full original size. It will help you to find out the real identity of the users.

Stop Autoplay

This type of feature helps in stopping auto-plays and saves your data from extra usage as well as unwanted videos.

Make a Close Friend App

It is natural to follow somebody else but we don’t want to share our videos, pictures, and stories with them. For this, you can not only create a separate close friend list and add people with whom you want to share your content while others will be blocked. But also modify the list whenever you need to.

Hide Stories from the List

When you have plenty of followers and you don’t want to show your Instagram story to all of them, then you can hide it by creating a list. After that, you can change it whenever you want to modify it.

Allow Selective Message Replies

In Instamod, you can allow some selected people who message you. It ensures your privacy.

Save Story to Archive

Everyone loves to save his memories but due to mobile storage, it might be not possible to keep them. For this, you can save your stories in the archive of Instamod with password protection. You can save your live video to archive for 30 days and only you can see them.

Allow Sharing

I always like that my followers share my content in their stories so I get more reach. So, you can easily allow others to share.

Wide Search Content

In Instamod, you can search not only IGTV, Reels, and Videos but also search for wide content like travel, food, DIY, arts, styles, and fashion.

Analytics and Crash Reports

This Instamod helps in protecting the app by analyzing your in-app data. You can report to the app developer when it crashes. So, they fix the bugs on time.

Quality Improvements

You can improve your Stories, IGTV, Photos,  Reels, and video quality while using Instander APK. It uploads your content in high original quality.

Indicate Who Follows you

Watching and following people you don’t know is always out of ethics. So, it’s better to connect. And, the Instander will show who is checking your profile. It Indicates who follows you or views your profile.

Ad-Free Experience

As you know in the official app you find sponsored ads that annoy you a lot. But with this application, you can enjoy an ad-free experience.

Data Saver Mode

The official app plays reels, and videos automatically which absorbs our unlimited data plan, and disappoints a lot. So, you can turn off autoplay or restrict the background usage of data.

Smart Gestures

You can make smart gestures in your app by turning on settings; you can zoom a photo with a long tap, like a photo by double tap, and also go to the different pages by swiping to the left or right.


Some features are also very helpful in Instamod like you can crop the stories, stop autoplay videos, and get full-sized stories. These features are not available in the official Instagram app.

Get Verified By Donating

Everyone likes the blue tick on his profile. For this, you can send some donations to the developer as an appreciation and get verified.

Discover People

You can discover people in your contacts with active accounts by following them. Explore their lives by checking out the stories.

Screenshots of Instander APK

How to download or Install Instander APK on an Android?

You can easily download this application from the steps given below:

Step 01: You will see a box showing “Download Instander APK”, you have to find it on this web page.

Step 02: Tap on the version you want; clone and unclone, then downloading will start.

Step 03: When your download has finished, open your mobile security settings

Instander APK

Step 04: Here, You have to do “Allow Access to Unknown Sources”.

Step 05: Now, tap on Install it and wait for it.

Step 06: Then, Open your Instader APK file from the file manager and start using it.

Instander APK Steps

Now, you can enjoy the Instander app.

How to Use an Instander App?

Now open the Instamod, login, or sign up for your account. Now, click on the right top upper corner three lines. The first one will be Instander settings, you can customize the changes according to your choice. Whenever you need, you can back up your content. There is a changelog history of all old versions, here you can download all the latest and old Instander as per your requirements.

How to Update Instander?

Whenever the developer provides you with an update of the Instander APK, a pop-up will appear on the screen or on the app itself. For this, you have to just click on updates.

How to update Instander APK

What is the advantage of using Instander?

In this app, you will get extra features as compared to other Instagram apps which makes it more beneficial than others:

  • Fonts change:

You can not only change fonts provided in the app but also can extract them from your mobile storage. 

  •  iOS Emojis:

You can change any type of emojis, Samsung mobile emojis, oppo mobile emojis, especially iOS emojis.

  • Theme Change:

You can change themes in a vast variety given in the app. You can also use dark and light themes.

  • Download options:

The best benefit of this app is that you don’t need any third party to download Instagram content. You can just download it with one click by turning on settings.

Which apps are similar to Instander?

There are many apps similar to Instander but still, this is an extraordinary app. Some of them are given below:

  • GB Instagram: 

GB provides changes in theme and fonts of the user’s choice. 

  • InstaPro: 

Instapro provides additional features such as hiding view stories, and no mark seen.

  • InstaMod:

An alternative to the Instander app is available in many systems; iPhone, Android, and PC.

Apps are similar to Instander
  • Aero Insta: 

AeroInsta is just another clone of Instander

  • Instagram Lite:

All are modified versions of a well-known app that give you extra features that are not available in the official app. but Instagram lite is very simple in all way. You can use it without logging to any account. You can’share stories and videos to Instagram lite.

Is Instander Better than Official Instagram?




Download Content



Copy Captions 



HD Posting 



Premium Features



Hide Status





Yes, it’s 100% safe to use. Don’t worry about your security, feel free to enjoy.

Yes, you can change your username after 14 days in Instander. For this, just go to your profile settings and search for an option to edit your username. Here you can change your username as per your own requirements.

Yes, why not? Download it right now and check it yourself.

Firstly, You need enough space to download the Instander app on your phone. Secondly, If you’re downloading the app from a website, make sure your phone can easily install apps from unknown sources. Thirdly, you must have a good internet connection to download and run this app.

Yes, it is available. You can use i with the help of downloading IPA files.

    Yes, it’s 100% worthy. You should use it.



Final Words

The Instamod application has advanced features to grab the attention of users. Once you use this app, you will become addicted to it. As, it has settings for secret typing, viewing stories, and downloading content. Hope you will enjoy it.