Instander Developer Mode

Instander Developer Mode

Instander is an app with advanced and unique pro features that are not available in the official Instagram app like Instander developer mode. If you are an extrovert and love to engage with people, you should enjoy all beautiful experiences with extraordinary features of the Instander at least once in your life.

The most advanced and additional pro feature of the Instander app is its developer mode. To know about how to enable Instander developer mode, you should have some knowledge about developer modes.

What is Instander Developer Mode?

Developer mode in the Instander APK allows users to access additional app features to enhance their user experience. This mode provides exceptional control over the whole app and all internal settings. But before doing this, the user should know at least something about the developer mode setting. 

This setting is only for programmers and developers who know all about apps. I have a good suggestion for everyone who needs to learn to enable the Instander developer mode because usually the developer mode is developed for debugging the app. 

Note: Debugging means finding the app errors and resolving these errors.


  • A non-developer user should not try this setting.
  • Enabling the settings can cause the app to crash and lead to bugs.
  • If you get any errors in your app, no requests will proceed.

How To Enable Instander Developer Mode

Here are some easy steps to activate the developer mode option

  • Firstly go to your app and log in to your Instander account. Tap on your profile picture on the right side.
  • Then click on the three-dot menu on the right side.
  • Here an option will appear Instander setting, tap on this one and scroll down, the search for the developer mode option.
  • Once you find it tap on it and turn on the option to get mobile config. 
  • A pop-up will appear and then click on the update. 
  • Now for this time just close the app and reopen it.
  • if you have done everything carefully, a long press on the home button will show your desired feature.

Pros and Cons of Instander Developer Mode


  • Get many advanced and pro features
  • Enable vanish option
  • Customize according to your own choice


  • Not easy to use 
  • The developer Mode option is complex
  • Sometimes, the app crashes after enabling Developer Mode


Yes, developer mode is 100% safe. If you are a pro that you can handle developer settings then you should use it.

No, there are as such no issues and risks. You can use this setting without any hesitation.

No, it’s a legal setting. It will not violate any type of rules and regulations.

Yes, Whenever you feel uncomfortable or you miss your old settings you can easily switch back to your regular version of Instander.

No, it is free of cost. Anyone can use it.


The developer mode is an advanced setting that everyone can not handle. A developer and programmer should try this one. It will amaze you with its pro features. Rather if you are tired of this one, you can switch to your simple mode. 

If you have any queries, suggestions, or complaints, you can tell us in the comment section. 

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